Growth through acquisition is a specialty of ours. IBM and others have selected us their exclusive advisor for expanding their technology portfolio.

We know the process, we understand the sectors. Importantly, we understand how to avoid the pitfalls and to make your program a success.


Whether before, during or after the deal, Southport Partners has years of real-world experience providing valuations of myriad businesses.

In the Tech sector and beyond.


Divesting a product line or subsidiary or the whole company takes a steady hand.

Helping to keep things together while bringing in the right potential buyers in a well-run process is what we do, and have done, again and again.


Raising capital for your growth and acquisition program is often the challenge.

In the world of private equity and debt, we can get you in the right position with the right resources.

Strategic Investments

An investment in another company together with a partnership in marketing, technology and/or product development can be a powerful way to advance your company without the risks of a full acquisition.

We have represented IBM and others on many such successful alliances.

Strategic Planning

Getting your growth and/or financing strategy on the right track is the first step.

With decades of experience doing just that for major NYSE and international companies, we can help you get there. Before the deals start.

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