We hired an independent market research firm to survey our clients about our performance.  Here’s what the clients said:

“Very focused and very thorough”

“Personal attention to all phases of the project”

“Involved from start to finish — Senior Partner involved at all times”

“Great in negotiations — don’t give value away”

“Valuation skills are second to none”

“Exceptional due diligence processes”

“Experts at financial modelling”

“Set expectations and deliver results”

“Understand technology business”

“Really get to know each client company well”

“Good listeners, responsive to clients, creative in negotiations”

“Great work ethic, high energy level”

“High integrity, highly principled”

“Incredibly responsive, never miss commitments”

“They understand the options and dynamics of the deal”

“Always look out for their client’s best interest, even if it means No Deal”

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